I never applied for this job, I would never applied for the job if I’d known what it entailed. There are lots of things I like telling, talking to clients, working on the ideas and improving current services, but I’m no good at maths and figures. At school I never really got numbers. Other people did, and really enjoyed them. Not for me though. 

So how come I’ve got a new matter how come I’ve got a job working for HMRC?

 Like every small business owner, administrator or bookkeeper in a small business or anyone with income outside of PAYE, I am a tax assessor and collector. I collect VAT for the government, I arrange payment of National Insurance contributions, income tax and other taxes. I charge tax on what I sell, and pay tax on what I buy. How did this happen?

 I know that this is an issue for lots of people, forums, discussion boards and real life conversations with people always raise the same issues. Not that there is anything we can do about it. That would be too much to hope for.

 So why am I writing about this now? Because I’ve just paid the next instalment of my income tax, on account for next year. I’ve just sorted out and paid my VAT and as ever I’m feeling slightly resentful!

 One of the things I found when I first set up my business over 10 years ago was the  frustration of keeping on top of very simple bookkeeping and accounting. My accountant is great, he does all the hard stuff. But for me keeping track of the day-to-day income and expenditure, keeping an eye on what I was owed and what I was due to pay was a real hassle.

When I talk to anybody who is thinking about going into business themselves I always say these things to think about not the excitement of getting your product to market, selling the service and gaining a good reputation. It’s the background stuff how can you make the tedious, monotonous and dull parts of the business function.  Because if you don’t get those right you are doomed to failure.

 I’m lucky, I use the CashBook. It’s transformed my life, not wanting to sound too much like a permatanned American TV evangelist, but it really has. Being able to keep an easy record of income and expenditure.  The VAT paid, the difference between VAT and non-VAT items. Debts and debtors really does make my life so much easier.

 You can have a look at the cash book at www.Decameronsoftware.co.uk  and £199 plus VAT for my money is the best investment you ever make. The CashBook does come with a moneyback guarantee, just so long as you use it for more than first quarter!.

I know we all have to pay tax, I know long as like it but to me it was the additional burden of time, frustration and sense of irritation that led me to developing the CashBook.

To everyone sitting kitchen tables, going into the office at weekends, burning the midnight oil to sort out this part of your finances my thoughts are with you. I have done it, with mountains of receipts, scraps of paper and assorted office debris – you are not alone.

Happily, I’m just about to go out to enjoy the sunshine.

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